Discover the Energy and Vigor that's been missing in your life!   
Excellent Nutrition for Your Mitochondrial DNA
Mitochondrial DNA controls every aspect of human life by providing the energy extracting "Power Plants" in every living cell. It is life itself!

Energizes at the cellular level
Lowers joint inflammation
Improves cognitive awareness
Promotes elastic skin and tendons
Improves recovery from sports injuries
Helps relief stress
Reduces signs of aging
Tunes up your times for marathons
Reduces signs of cold sores and 
  related symptoms
Aids in fighting viruses and immune 
  system invaders
Promotes sense of well-being
Researched for over 10 years, Time Challenger is now available worldwide. This product heralded the "Age of Mitochondrial DNA" and was the first to introduce Reseveratrol in combination with established and accepted "Anti-Aging" ingredients for a comprehensive defense of the immune system against the onslaught of natural aging.

Testimonials proclaim this product at nothing short of amazing. Time has proven that the Time Challenger formula is optimum and effective if taken as suggested in the daily serving. Further research has shown the formula is suited to be made into chewables for those with pill taking problems.

Recently, Time Challenger for dogs has been shown equally as exciting. Dogs think owners are giving them treats! They beg for more. Dogs are family..."treat" them like it.

When you choose a supplement for Mitochondrial DNA, ask yourself if it just might be best to go with the first product of its kind available to the general public nearly 10 years ago? Experience matters and consistent standards of manufacture matter even more! Go with the very best and the most potent Mitochondrial DNA supplement on the market today: 
Time Challenger

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